9 most frequently asked questions
Is there a parking in the hotel?
Yes, there is at the closed hotel area. It's paid, 690 rub. per a day.
Is there a breakfast in the hotel?
Yes, there is, it costs 495 rub. for a person. Breakfast includes a porridge (oat, rice or 7 cereals), eggs (scrambled, fried, boiled at your choice), juice, toasts, coffee or tea, jam, pancakes/cheesecakes, fruits, muesli.
Why there is no AC in the hotel?
It is impossible for us because the building is a cultural heritage. But we made split system. It works both for cold and heat.
is it allowed with pets?
Unfortunately not :( The hotel is too small. We are afraid of allergy of other guests.
Is there a laundry in the hotel?
Yes, there is. If you want to do it yourself, it costs 300 rub. If you want us to do it, then it's negociable.
Can you help with tickets?
Yes, we can find everything, up to tickets to «Nutcracker» at Bolshoi theatre on December 31
Are there any discounts? Do you work with agencies?
If you pay with cash - everything is possible :) With agencies we can work cashless.
Is it possible to spend time in fresh air?
Yes, in the summer time we put sofas on the street. You can hang out there, and we have a cosy terrace. There is a risk to miss your flight :)
Did any celebrity stay here?
Yes, all actors of Rezo Gabriadze theater have stayed here this spring. And Ivan Vyrypayev has been not so long ago.
It's really possible to meet famous actors or directors in our hotel and become a star :)
You still have a question?
Write us at hotel@menshikov-hotel.com
or call us. We speak english.
+7 499 704 5050